Beyond the March

Marching is great, but it alone won’t make the threats to science disappear. We’re putting together some ideas for what we can do after the march to continue defending science in Alaska and beyond. Any money left over from fundraising for the march will go toward these efforts. We’ll have information and sign-up sheets available at the march. Here are some ideas – let us know what you think, and tell us about YOUR ideas!

1. Hold a workshop for high school students to introduce them to careers in science.

2. Buy subscriptions to good kids’ science magazines for elementary schools (especially those with less exposure to scientists like Joy, Denali, North Pole, Ladd). Good examples are Ask and Muse (both part of the Cricket magazine series)

3. Put together a team of people who are on the look-out for bills that negatively affect science and the use of science in policy makers at the local, state, or national level, and a rapid response team that can call or send letters to legislators or otherwise raise a stink.

4. Have a group of scientists willing to meet with politicians in town (or in Juneau) and groups like Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc. especially threats to the economy when it comes to climate change, loss of EPA funding, etc.. This “speakers’ bureau” could also be available when press is looking for someone to answer questions on climate change or other issues.

5. Christa is getting intensive training in science communication as part of a fellowship she just got, starting the day after the march (yes, very ironic!). She could run workshops to pass on what she learned to anyone who is interested.

We have shirts!

We have shirts!
You can now buy your very own March for Science Fairbanks t-shirt, complete with our logo, in a lovely ice-blue, grey, or olive. Go to: All proceeds will go to our march fund, not the general one. But you need to hurry: this “campaign” lasts only for 13 more days (we’ll work on having as second go at it). They’ll start shipping as soon as they reach 11 t-shirts sold. I just bought the first one. Now it’s your turn!


Announcing: the march route!

For weeks now, we’ve been asked over and over: “Do you know WHERE yet?”. Now we do! Here is a map of the march route. We’ll be marching in a loop along Airport Way, which means people can jump in and leave as they wish.

As you can see, we’re planning on starting at Ryan Middle School (the brand new building close to the hospital). We will have several speakers at the start of the march, and we will have live music for folks who want a break, need a hot drink, or want to check out the information booth and other activities. Around noon we will detour to Barnette school so people can join the Earth Day activities that will be starting around then. More details on the program will be forthcoming.

The route may still change a bit (we still need permission from DOT for parts of this route), and there is still a chance that we will need to change our central location. The reason we can even consider using a school district building is because the fabulous folks at the Northern Alaska Environmental Center are allowing us to go through them for the insurance we need. So, next time you’re driving past 830 College Road, stop by and give a HUGE thank you to the Northern Alaska Environmental Center!! And while you are there, consider giving them a donation and let them know it’s for March of Science Fairbanks. Those folks rock!!­­­march-for-science-proposed-route-3-3-17

Donations now accepted!

We have some great news: The Northern Alaska Environmental Center( ) has agreed to let us run donations through them! (They are a registered non-profit organization). If you would like to make a donation to help us pay for renting a space, printing flyers and materials to hand out at the march, providing some hot drinks, etc. please give / send your donations to them, and let them know that it is for the Fairbanks March for Science.  Cash or cheques (made out to the Northern Alaska Environmental Center but with Fairbanks March for Science in the memo line) can dropped off at or mailed to them at 830 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701. Sorry, at this time we don’t have any way for you to donate electronically, but we’re looking into it.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Northern Alaska Environmental Center – those folks rock!

Meeting update and request for input

Christa here with a short update on last Sunday’s planning meeting, and a request for some input.

  1. Location and march route: I had hoped that we would have a location set by now, but we’re still waiting on confirmation of the space we requested. We have a tentative march route, but if the location changes then the route will too. We’ll fill you in as soon as we have the info!
  2. Speakers: We plan on alternating speakers and music at the inside venue. We already have 5 musical groups lined up, and a tentative list of potential speakers, but we’d like everyone to have a chance for input. Who would you like to see? Please think of people who something to say about the importance of science, the role of science in society, or the threats to science, ad who are dynamic speakers who can connect with a wide range of people. You can respond via the contact page, or email us directly at 
  3. Music: we’re doing pretty well for inside music…. but it would be awesome if we could have some while marching, too! Marching bands, percussion…. if you know a group that’s up for this (or want to form one), let us know! We welcome other types of acts – dance, street theatre, comedy – too!
  4. Letters to the Editor: We are coordinating letters to the editor of various newspapers about the importance of science in our society and the threats that it is facing. We’ll be posting ideas and guidelines shortly, but if you’re champing at the bit to write one, send us an email and we’ll share this info with you right away.
  5. We are trying to coordinate with the Earthday folks so that people can attend both events.
  6. We are still working on funding, t-shirts, and various other projects. As soon as the location is confirmed we’ll ask for help in printing and distributing posters.

Reminder: Planning Meeting #2

Our next planning meeting will be on Sunday, Feb. 19, at 4 pm, in the lounge on the 3rd floor of the Murie Building on the UAF campus. We will be announcing the march location, discuss entertainment and food options, t-shirts and posters…. laugh, cry, sing songs… (well ok, maybe not those last two – unless we’re trying out the lyrics for some killer science support songs, in which case we may be doing all of those!). Everyone is welcome!!!

If you cannot attend but want to get involved in one of the task groups, please contact us (see contact page, or directly at and we’ll get you in touch with the people running the task group.

Hope to see you many of you on Sunday!

Science Fashion

Check out the latest addition to our pages: Hats for the march! Lots of lovely examples of hats you can knit or crochet, along with some scarves (Fibonacci sequence, anyone?) to bring out the crafty geek in all of us. We’re planning on having some hat-making parties to get people together and talk science and stockinette. Let us know if you’d like to host one and we’ll get the info out.

Can’t knit or crochet? We can teach you! We’ll also keep an eye open for other types of projects that people can join in. Please let us know if you have ideas you’d like to see posted. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to help design posters and signs…

Thanks to Chris for getting the patterns together!




Planning Meeting #1 Summary

Planning Meeting #1: Summary and Call for Help

We had a great first meeting last night! Lots of enthusiasm and lots of energy… Here is a list of the task groups and their goals. Contact information has been added at the end of the post for those who have agreed to make it publicly available, and we’ll update that regularly. All of these task groups could use help! If you can jump in, contact one of the task group members or contact Christa through the “contact” page, or email her at

We could especially use people who can contribute to the following: graphic design, music, song writing, photography, videography, and developing activities for kids.

We will have planning meetings approx. every 10 days between now and the March day, alternating between Sunday at 4 pm and Wednesday at 6:30 pm. The location will be the lounge on the south side on the 3rd floor of the Murie building on the UAF campus, unless announced otherwise. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, Feb. 19, at 4 pm. Everyone is welcome!

Summary of task groups and goals:

  1. General Communication Task Group: Christa Mulder, Chris Waigl, and Susan Todd (website and facebook), and Rachel Voigt (Twitter). This group will keep everyone up to date on what’s happening and provide a central point for communication. We have added a “Science in the Crosshairs” page (check it out!) and we will be adding a resources page (with relevant documents such as IPCC reports) shortly. Please contact Susan with ideas for news articles, and Christa with ideas for resources.
  2. Location Task group: Susan Todd and Garrett Savory. This group will select a location for the inside venue and route for the march, work on any permits that are needed, and liaise with law enforcement. We will start the march at 10 am so that people interested in the Earth Day event (held at Barnette Magnet School starting at noon) can attend both.
  3. Funding Task Group: Rich Seifert, Chris Waigl, and Shawnee Gowan. This group will determine how to facilitate donations to the march.
  4. Advertising Task Group: Olivia Edwards, Shawnee Gowan, and Rachel Voight. This group will develop a plan for contacting media, producing Public Service Announcements, connecting with other groups (e.g., Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Fairbanks Activist Forum) and getting the word out as widely as possible.
  5. Artwork Task Group: Jessica McLaughlin, Shawnee Gowan, Olivia Edwards. This group is in charge of developing posters, signs and banners, organizing sign-making parties, and organizing photographers / videographers. Chris Waigl will provide a link to a Ravelry site with cool sciency hats we can make.
  6. Entertainment Task Group: Molly McDermott and Shawnee Gowan. This group will come up with ideas for entertainment on March day, including speakers, music, street theatre, costumes…and the sound systems we will need.
  7. Education and Kids Committee: Chris Waigl, Julianne Warren. This group will develop science education activities for adults and kids, and other science-related activities for kids.

Contact Information:

  • Christa Mulder:
  • Chris Waigl:
  • Susan Todd:
  • Olivia Edwards:
  • Molly McDermott:



Location and time for planning meeting

The location and time for the planning meeting have been set: we will meet on Wed. Feb 8 at 7 pm on the third floor of the Murie building (the big space with lots of windows on the south side, facing the mountains) on the UAF campus. Murie is the new grey building kitty-corner to the museum. Parking is plentiful and free after 5 pm. We’d appreciate an RSVP (via the Contact page) but if you forget, show up anyway! Older kids (teenagers) are welcome – we need their energy and enthusiasm!


We’re planning our march, and we need help! Can you make phone calls, draw, play music, host a sign-making party, photocopy posters, direct traffic, write public service announcements, or pat your head and circle your tummy at the same time? Then please join us – we need everyone!

We’re holding a planning meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 7 pm. Location TBA , here and on our website (likely on or near the UAF campus). If you can join us, please send an email (using the blue “send email button”, or via our webpage, or directly (to so we can get an idea of numbers. If you want to help but can’t join us this time, no problem – send us an email and we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date and put to work.

Oh, and check STEP 1 if you haven’t done it yet!